My band at rock camp

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Hi every one, this is a video of the concert at the end of rock camp. Its not the best sound quality but its still not that bad. Here’s the link hope you like it I had lots of fun playing at that show.

I also have some from the years before, again there not the best but its all about the good times right?

here’s another one

And there’s one last one, again not really good but I don’t really care 😛 I had a blast and that all that counts. So here’s the link…

Hope you enjoy these videos and please don’t comment on the youtube page, comment on this instead because I don’t go on youtube to read them and I would like to know what you think. So I hope you like it 🙂

im hoping to go again next year and maybe get better quality videos so if I do they will end up here so dont forget about me and i really want to know the truth if you like it or not. I know its not that good but we only have 2 weeks to put it all together and then we have to performe infront of around 900 people so sometimes it gets a little bit stressfull and we mess up a bit sometime, but we still have fun so I dont really care if we mess up.


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