Green, Like Her Eyes

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It’s Cindra. Please read. Five years ago, on messenger when I only sent a simple a goodbye and blocked you at two in the morning your time… I had a reason. You remember all the hell I was going through back then don’t you? The abuse? The death? The demons? One of them had a name. She’d convinced me she was sharing my body and mind with me. She’d convinced me of a number of things. Like drugs, like cutting again. I knew it would have hurt you. You’d had a bad history with cutting with some friends of yours. I knew I wouldn’t be capable of hiding these things from you. It was changing who I was and sometimes when I looked in the mirror my eyes were black and my skin was grey. When I felt my neck for a pulse I didn’t feel anything. Please keep reading. I’m not crazy- anymore. I’ve escaped my old life. I’m here in England. I’ve stated on building up my new life and I’ve stopped cutting. I won’t hurt you anymore. I miss you. I still love you.


Ps: drug free too


 You freak! Get the hell away from my brother. He left his email open. He’s happy now. You broke my heart so stay away from him you emo psycho path. He’s getting married tonight. You stay away and go back to America where you belong. He’s over you!

PS you are crazy.

*new Email from Nicky*


OMG has your flight landed?! Your flight better have landed! Vick just emailed me! HE’S GETTING MARRIED TONIGHT AND HE WANTS ME TO FILL IN FOR HIS BRIDE’S TOP MATRON! Get your little butt down to Preach for Love IMMEDIATELY! This girl is going to kill him! She’s all religious and she’s banned him from his video games!  He doesn’t even love her! He told me he still sees you when he kisses her sometimes. I tried to tell him no but he won’t listen you’ve got to sop this marriage! You have two hours!


She can’t BAN him from video games he does that for a living!


Suite and tie for her daddy THESE days.

 Cindra sat back mouth open mouthed. Two hours?! It was at least a three hour drive. His sister had said… but he’d never really liked his sister. …He still saw her when he kissed his bride? Never mind she didn’t have time for this. She still loved him and is video games had been his career! She had to stop this.

  Vick took a deep breath as he pressed his sweaty face against the cold of the bathroom sink metal and let out a small groan. He was thinking of her again. Of Cindra… why had she just left him like that…? He would have said suicide, except she’d kept in touch with Nicky. Nicky had said Cindra still loved him. But what sense in Hade’s did that make? Besides he was getting married now. She was pretty. She was… well good. She never teased him though… He missed that. Cindra had teased him with promising comments of the future and playing with her t-shirt over their cam calls. Never mind Cindra! He was marrying…. Oh god no… wait, wait he was marrying Penny. He knew her name. He…. Loved her? No true love was what he’d felt for… no stop your marrying Penny and True love doesn’t exist just regular old love!


“Get out of my way!” Cindra flipped yet another bird as she swerved around the fifth slow driving car in her way.  There wasn’t too much traffic, but she wasn’t even sure where this church she was headed was going. CHURCH! Vick had never gone to church!


 His hands sweat as he smiled over at Nicky who shot him a dirty glance. The bride’s march played slowly and he laughed quietly at how different this was then what his teenage self had thought his wedding would be. Dancing down the aisle with… NO STOP IT YOU’LL FLUB PENNY’S NAME AT THIS RATE! Cindra probably doesn’t even remember you. This girl… is… pretty… and…she’s…. lovely… and she’s a grown up… and …who am I kidding she’s a bore. I need her though… and apparently she needs me. He looked down the aisle at Penny who had her hand lightly on his boss’s No her dad’s hand. He snuck down to the local arcade every now and then. He snuck a lot of things. Penny had banned him from a number of things early in their relationship as she’d said they had too much to do with Cindra and would only hurt him.


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