Don’t Depend on Others to Always Have Your Best Interest

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I am a women whom investigates hidden truths, from the start of a very youthful age I have seen deeper into things. I have always found alternatives from one persones truth to another. I find that it is essential to ones life, to live fully. For me personally my fully is by analyzing and searching truths. If I don’t agree with what I read or what I am told I will locate a source in which I can gather entities of information, and in writing and or memory retaining the information and cross referencing when I need to compare.

I believe that if you want good health you MUST provide yourself with the tools to search alternatives and be an active participant in your day to day living, relying not of advertisments from your t.v. about that burger at you know where.  You must fully research the things that you put into your body including perscription medications. We are all human and humans make mistakes so therefore relying on others to have your best interest can be a tight rope to walk.

I was an active gymnist at age 4 and continued my pursuit in body and mind wellness ever since. Practicing Yoga at age 5 without realizing there was a name for what I was doing, and trance meditating making my body still and eyes open yet I would see only white,  I could faintly hear the world around me. And I would do this often as a child and still can. I am giving you as much information through my articles as I can and researching what I am passionate about. Most of my articles will be about body wellness, there may be articles pertaining to the mind and spirit as well. And or philosophy…Thank you for reading


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