A thing about lead

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Hello all I am a toy nice to meet you! I am going to be on sale tomorrow at a store near you. Now I know what you are thinking I am a toy made of lead and once I go on sale the kids are going to be after me like crazy because they don’t know I am made of lead tho the company that made me knows but thats okay, I am just going to wait till some one dies then my company will get a huge law suit and recall tons of toys but at least I will be a hit for awhile.

Hello toy I am that one chick who was born back in 1986! Back in my day I had so many toys none of my toys ever got recalled none of the people I grew up with ever died of lead poison so my question is why all the sudden did this come about? Did people start making more and more stuff and become dumb? I mean how stupid are you people every one knows your going to get recalled every one who made you knows you are full of lead so why why are you put out on shelfs! Why make toys that have lead in it when you know it will be recalled any ways what are you people thinking. Its like hello this necklace is so full of lead but yet I am going to sell it and just wait for it to be recalled tho I know it is going to kill some one.


If its full of lead and your making it why are you selling it
Why don’t you try swallowing the necklace and and then if you die
maybe it will tell you this thing SHOULDN’T be sold!!


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