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Lime Wire is a fantastic site where you can download music for free. All genres are available from country to rap and beyond. There are even educational songs that are useful for classroom instruction or teaching your children learning songs at home. You can search for the music that interests you by song or artist. If you know the song, you just put in the name and a variety of choices will appear. You pick the one you are looking for and click download. An artist search works exactly the same way.  It is also possible to do a wider search by using genres such as rock, disco, dance, techno, or any other music form you love. Even hard to find genres like Indie music or yoga and meditation songs are available for download. Here are the steps you will need to take to save all your music to your computer for download into your mp3 player or IPod.

·     Go to

·     Click Download Lime Wire

·     Follow the directions to download the software

·     Let it create a desktop icon

·     Open it and do a search for audio by putting in the artists or songs name

·     Click on the song in the list it displays and click download

·     Save it where you want it and download it to your play

Lime Wire also has paid services if you prefer. They give you the option of picking only songs that are registered for download. It is solely up to your discretion. Once you have downloaded the software, just follow the directions and enjoy.


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