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Baby formula can be very expensive, may it be pre-made or powered formula. There are a few ways to get free formula and to stock up on valuable coupons to save you money when you purchase it. This article will give you some advice on how to get free baby formul and how to get valuable coupons to save money when you purchase formula.

The easiest way is to ask your baby’s doctor when you take your child in for a check-up. Ask  if they have any samples. Also ask at the hospital when you leave with your newborn.  The hospital will probably give you a case of formula, wipes, and diapers. Most offices do and have various brands. The companies give the offices sample size jars to promote their brand. Sample size jars can go for $10 or more in the store.

Most baby formula brands have a web site. go tot that web site and join their mailing list or baby club. A suggestion is to sign up yourself and possibly sign up the child’s grandparents or friends. The companies mail out free samples of formula on A regular basis and valuable coupons. But only one per address. The more addresses the more samples…. You could do this with fiends to or swap sample if their children use A different brand. Don’t laugh this will save you money in formula and the average coupons the send are $5 or more…. Money is money…… Good Luck


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