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Find old friends and family for FREE.  Let’sd face it the best way to find people today is online on the world wide web.  There are so many free sites that can help you locate old friends and family and with no cost associated with it. I was amazed at how fast I could find old friends and family on I’m sure there are other sites but this site was very easy and produced good resuts fast. Plus it has security and privacy. Also the site was user friendly for people who are not internet junkies.

The key to this site is to look up old friends and family by various searches. The site will help and suggest various ways to look up old friends and family. Some ways are: by Maiden name by Married name by High school , graduation year by college graduation year by employer any organizations or groups they may belong to or looking for their friends who may have kept in contact with them. Look the people up by nicknames or their full legal name. People old and new are finding and keeping in touch with people online may it be this site or another. By finding one lost friend or family member it is amzing how the can lead you to another lost friend and family member.  Godd luck and I hope you find who you are looking for. Some good sites are classmates, facebook, and myspace.  If you do an internet search you will probably find other sites that can help you.


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