change you name when get divorced

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1Some people do not realize that when you get divorced you can legally change your name in the process. This can be done for both the man and women. Normally when a person wants to legally change their name there is a filing fee associated with the Court when filing plus you have to publish the request in the local paper. People have a right to contest your request and have to do so in writing to the Court. If a person contest another persons name change request this matter can go to a trial.  This can be the case when a person request the right to legally change a child’s name.

It is a lot easier when you are divorcing  to request a name change plus there is no additional cost. You must request so in writing or orally to the Judge during your divorce hearing. You can take any last name it does not have to be the name you had before your marriage.

If you have any questions consult an attorney or your local  Probate and Family Court. Please note that this is a legal name change so you will have to notify all your creditors and other sources, including criminal records and so on. The court will add your new name to your criminal record if any as an alias. It is your respondsibility to notify people of your new legal name.  Remember a nam,e chage can effect deeds, home loans, retirements, pensions, and 401k’s.


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