Pick the right cosmetic line… for you! (part 1)

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If you’re new to world of makeup and skincare, walking into a cosmetic’s department in any department store can be overwhelming.  A great cosmetic line to start at is Clinique.  This line is great because it offers basic skincare with a specialized system to match various types of skin.  They offer many tones of foundation and powders to match just about anyone and also have a wide variety of color (eye shadow and blush) which is great for anyone that’s just starting out. Another great quality about Clinique is that they are wallet-friendly.  Clinique also has many gifts with purchases throughout the year.  Gift with purchase is a great way to try numerous products a company has to offer without having to shell out alot of money.  Many companies offer this and usually gift comes with a purchase of about $24.50 or more (depending on the company).  Another great company to start out with is Prescriptives.

Prescriptives, which just so happens to be the sister company of Clinique, has many of the same qualities as its sister company.  Prescriptives is also wallet-friendly and they have many different skincare options.  They have a great oil-control line in both skincare and makeup.  With makeup, Prescriptives differes from Clinique in that their color items are based on undertones and skin tone level.  They have four categories of undertones (for cool toned skin the undertones are: blue/red and red. Warm toned skin has: red/orange and yellow/orange undertones). Based on this, they have foundations, powders, eye shadows, blush, lip stick, and lip gloss that goes well with each undertone.  This is great for beginners because it takes the guess work out of which colors go well with your skin tone.


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