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First of all, I’m not trying to push any kind of affiliate marketing scheme or other ‘scheme’ for that matter. I’m merely carrying out what I’m about to write about in this article … of course I’ve put a little link to my site at the bottom of the page to try and drive a bit of traffic, please take a look.

There are many ways you can make money online. Many people just like yourself use this as a main income source and it’s not beyond anyone’s reach. Really, anyone can do this and start making money instantly…well, almost instantly! The other thing here is that you don’t need to be in any particular country to sign up for these sites, I am based in the UK, but most of these pay in US dollars, which is fine because the payments get converted in the system.

Get Paid to Blog

Here are some links to sites that will pay you for putting something on your blog, whether it’s an ad with a simple link, or some other form of searchable content such as an article, video, audio.



This site pays you for placing content and links in your blog to a clients site. They may want you to create a photo, video, audio or written content to help create publicity, exposure, ‘a buzz’ about a particular product or service. You get paid thirty days after you post and you must have a PayPal account to be able to join the service. Obviously they have their full terms and conditions on their site

This site requires you to sign up and await approval but it didn’t take long when I registered, just a few days. If your blog is quite new ie. less that 60 days old, then they will approve your blog on a probationary status first. Again, Paypal required to accept payments from the service.

What sets this one apart for the other ‘paid to blog’ websites is tht once you’ve posted and it’s accepted, you get paid into your Paypal account within 24 hours! There is a requirement to put a widget on your blog that displays other user’s entries. This is a great site that will bring you traffic from around the globe.

They pay between $20.00-$200.00 for a review! Submit your blog. Once you are accpeted and receive an offer, you must write a post with a minimum of 200 words. You get a choice of payment method here too, either cheque/check or Paypal. Paymets are made once a month and minimum payout is $25.

Another site like those mentioned above. Free to join and they pay you for your content and posting links on your blog.

I’ve not provided descriptions of each one of the lnks above, but they are much the same and all pay similar rates.#

Another way to make money online …

Not a pay per blog site, but in my opinion the best and easiest site to use out of all the sites mentioned on this page and doesn’t involve any kind of administration checks before they accept your application, you can literally start earning stratight away!

All you have to do is write about something, anything, you’re interested in or know about. Add a few tags and your pretty much done. When your article is visited you get a share of the revenue. It really is that simple and I figure if I dedicated just 30 minutes each day to writing something interesting, then I can generate a tidy residual income from just alone. You also get a slice of the pie from the people you get to join up so if you want to give this a try, please use this link … it won’t affect your profits, but it will improve mine.

If we all help each other, we can all prosper.


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