Five Easy Ways to Live Healthy in December

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Five easy ways to live healthy in December.

Stop Drinking all that water
Guzzling lots of agua is the one health move that most of people actually manage on a regular basis. So imagine the disappointment when you heard that it doesn’t do a darn thing! “There was no scientific evidence that water can help rid your body of toxins, promote weight loss, ease headaches, or improve skin tone,” says Stanley Goldfarb, M.D., author of a recent study review on the topic. “You drink more water, you just pee more.” If you’re convinced that your skin looks clearer thanks to H2O, it may be just a powerful placebo effect. So instead to trying to chug eight glasses of water every day, let your body be your guide. “Drink when you’re thirsty and only enough to feel satisfied,” says Goldfarb

Know that bigger isn’t always better…
…at least not when it comes to produce. as fruits and veggies grow larger 9and as we grow more of them), their nutrient and antioxidant levels significantly diminish, according to recent reports. “So when shopping for produce, choose for the smallest and brightest of the bunch,” says Donald davis, Ph.D., a retired researcher at the University of Texas. Bright colors are signs of phytochemicals, good-for-you substances that are often antioxidants. Organic fruits and veggies are another good pick–on average they have 30 percent higher levels of antioxidants than nonorganics but can contain similar levels of vitamins, according to a series of studies. If it”s more vitamins you want, go for heirloom fruits and vegetable varieties, which may contain higher concentrations of nutrients because of their unique genetic makeup.

Don’t kid yourself
Forty-seven percent of women say that exercise regularly. Really? Really?

Protect your pout
Shiny, sexy gloss maybe your go-to summer lipcolor staple, but all that shine can actually attract the sun’s rays, upping your risk of skin cancer, says Christine brown, M.D., a dermatologist at Baylor University medical Center in Dallas. So layer a lip balm with SPF 30 under gloss, or try product with built-in SPF.

Feel the (heart) burn? See your doctor
Esophageal cancer is one of the country’s fastest-growing forms of cancer–it has risen 600 percent over the past few decades. And a seemingly harmless condition can put you at risk: heartburn. “It’s a symptom many women ignore, probably because most aren’t aware of how serious it can be,” says Kenneth R. DeVault, M.D., of the mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. The frequent backwash of stomach acids damages the esophageal lining, which can lead to cancerous cell changes. How to put out the fire: Cut back on coffee, citrus juices, and spicy foods. And consider using an H2 blocker, such as zantac, or a proton pump inhibitor, such as Prilosec. these medications can ease symptoms and promote the healing of damaged tissue.


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