Who are the rudest people in Britain?

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Let me start by saying that I am not going to tar everybody with the same brush, I know that there are always exceptions to the rules, you can’t say that one particular age group is rude, as there will always be some nice ones in there too.

What I am talking about here is personal experience, who has been the rudest to me the most frequently over the years. You think about it too, who has been the rudest to you? Was it a teenager? an elderly person?, were they middle aged? Mid 30’s?

The youth of today are always being told how rude, vile and lazy they are, and some of them are! ON my way to work one morning, a boy of about 15 walked into me, not by accident, he had no intention of moving, and then he called me “a dopey c**t!” He walked into me!

The car park attendant at the place where I used to work was once told by a woman of about 30, “If you had a better education, and if you knew anything, you wouldn’t have to do a crummy job like this”. To which he brilliantly replied, “If you knew anything dear, you wouldn’t have a crummy car like this” Now all this man had done was tell her that she wasn’t allowed to park her car there, and she deliberately tried to damage his confidence! What she also didn’t know was that this man was studying for a degree in palaentology!

My Father is in a wheelchair, and whilst my Mother was pushing him around the supermarket, a woman of what 72 wanted to get to one of the shelves,so she simply moved my Father out of the way, like he was a trolley! How rude!

To sum it up, I think they/we are all as rude as each other, young people are just more upfront about it, if a young person thinks that you are a dopey c**t, they’ll tell you. Whilst someone in their 30s or 40’s will do anything they can to make you feel like one. And someone over 60? Well they’ll probably just ignore you.


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