The Riddle of the Job Where You Get Fired Every Day

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How much steps do you need to solve the riddle?

  1. In this area of human endeavour, women have been fired with more enthusiasm than men. Colleagues like to keep a comfortable distance when they’re at work.
  2. Nevertheless, and because they are used to work under immense pressures , and generally are slimmer and lighter than men, women are better suited to get this dirty job done.
  3. Undoubtedly it isn’t every young girl’s idea of a good job, but they certainly have led the field… maybe that’s why their patron saint is a woman too.
  4. However, the person who achieved the feat first (though not feet first) was an American known as “Lulu”, who was in fact a very small man called Eddie Rivers. He described his work as “a small but annoyant inconvenience “.
  5. The first genuine woman doing this job, wasn’t a Britney Spears type . She got fired in April, 1877 at the Westminster Aquarium in London. Her name was Zazel.
  6. She had to cool off in one of the tanks, but her boss was so pleased with her, that he engaged her for two years, and this with a substantial salary. Throughout her period of employment, Zazel got fired every day. She said it felt like dancing in hell .
  7. In spite of her explosive life-style, Zazel died in 1937, more than sixty years after she got fired for the very first time. And if you don’t know by now which is the job where you can get fired every day, the answer is here !

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