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Famous Last Words of Condemned Men

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  • “At least I’ll get some high class education” –  said murderer John W. Deering as he was facing a firing squad after willing his body to the University of Utah.
  • “Pretty soon you’re going to see a baked Appel.” – George Appel, murderer of puns and one New York policeman, as he was strapped into the electric chair in 1928.
  • “Will that gas bother my asthma?” – Louis Jose Monge, awaiting death by gassing at the Colorado State Prison in 1967, for the murders of his wife and three children.
  • “Warden, I’d like a little bicarb because I’m going to get gas in my stomach right now.” – Charles de la Roi while trying to win the George Appel Worst Death Chamber Pun Award for 1946.  He was sentenced to death by lethal gas in 1946 in California for the murder of a fellow prison inmate.
  • “How about this for a headline for tomorrow’s paper? ‘French Fries!'” – James French, electrocuted in Oklahoma in 1966.  Incidently, he was trying for the George Appel award for 1966.
  • “Just our luck….we haven’t even got a decent day for it.” – Frank Negan to his fellow murderer as they awaited execution at Sing Sing in 1933.
  • “Are you sure this thing is safe?” – The English poisoner Dr. William Plame,r as he was escorted to the gallows trap door in 1855 after killing fourteen people.
  • “I’d like to thank my family for loving me and taking care of me.  The rest of the world can kiss my ass.” – Robert Alton Harris, gassed on April 21, 1992.
  • “I think I’d rather be fishing.” – Jimmy Glass , who was executed on June 12, 1987.
  • “I’m still awake.” – Robyn Leroy Parks (no relation), who was excecuted on March 10, 1982.
  • “You might make that a double.” – British murderer Neville Heath, as he gratefully accepted the offer of a last drink before being hanged in 1946.
  • “I did not get my Spaghetti-O’s.  I got spaghetti.  I want the press to know this.” – Thomas J. Grasso, who was unimpressed by the room service before being executed in 1995 for the murder of an elderly Tulsa, Oklahoma woman.

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