How to Curb Your Appetite

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Step 1  Even though your body tell you it feels hungry, sometimes you  aren’t. When your body is dehydrated, it will make you feel hungry. So when you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water or skim milk (Try to avoid unhealthy choices). This will make you feel full, thus not feeling hungry anymore.

Step 2  When drinking something doesn’t help your cravings, and if you are still hungry and are about to grab something to eat, try chewing on gum. When you chew gum, you are tricking your brain into thinking that you are eating something. This will help curb your appetite for the time being. It helps if you pick a gum flavor that is citrus or food flavored.

Step 3 When you are eating lunch or dinner, wait 20 minutes before you have second helpings. 20 minutes the amoung of time it takes for your brain to receive the “full” signal. After 20 minutes, more than likely you will not be hungry anymore.  If you’re in a restaurant and you are hungry for dessert, go somewhere else for dessert.  By the time you get to the dessert, chances are you won’t even want it. (You will also save money).

Step 4 Eat every three to four hours (avoid unhealthy choices). This will help keep your blood sugar up, thus you won’t get famished then binge later. To help make better choices in your food selection, pre-make what you will eat for later. Make a little bag of pretzels, cut up apples, etc, that way when you get really hungry, you will already have a healthy choice lined up.


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