Composting Your Food Scraps, the Easy Way

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Each year around May1st, give or take a day or two depending on the weather, I begin my vegetable garden.  I turn the soil over (by hand of course), mark the rows as to where certain vegetables will grow and so on.  When it comes to picking my vegetables, or as farmers say, harvest them, people I give them to always give me great compliments.

Long before I ever plant the seeds or begin to water and long before the weather turns to warm spring, I work the soil in my garden.  When I say work, what I mean is contribute to increasing the nutrient content giving my vegetables an ideal growing environment.

Believe it or not it is easy to do, takes only a few minutes of your time and in that short time you are doing a world of difference to your garden and the environment.  What I simply do is compost my food waste.  I am sure you have heard of composting where you take leaves, grass etc., and put them all together and every so often you turn the pile over to create great compost.

Well you can also compost your food waste (well all except bones of course).  Food waste and scraps are a great way to add nutrients to your soil.  In a nutshell here is how it works.  You collect your food waste, dig a deep hole in your vegetable garden, place your food scraps in the hole and then cover.  Now wash, rinse and repeat what I just wrote, over and over again, year after year.

What happens when you do this is worms will find those food scraps and eat them.  Their waste, known as castings, are filled with nutrients that your plants require.  When you turn the soil over in the spring you are actually bringing those castings close to the top where the vegetable’s roots will be.

The best way I find to collect food waste is in an airtight Tupperware bowl.  I add my scraps to this bowl and then when the bowl is filled, I bury it in my garden.  I then mark that spot with a stick so I do not dig it up within 3 months (gives the worms plenty of time to do their thing).  That is it.  Composting doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you were looking for a way to have a better garden (vegetable or flower) without doing a whole lot of work, then this is it.  You make your soil more nutrient rich, you do not use any chemical fertilizers and you reduce the amount of waste you add to your landfill all in one swoop.

Now go and bury that garbage and enjoy!

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