Activities for children

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Make a Sled Kite

(First)fold a sheet of construction paper in half
(Second)draw around template,placing the long edge of template along the fold of the paper.

(Three)Cut along the two drawn lines to make the wing shape,while making sure top and bottom pieces of paper are cut at the same time.

(Four)Then fold the top wing back towards the folded edge.
(Five)Turn the paper over and fold the other wing the same way as step four.

(Step6)Open the kite up and put it on the table with the wings pointing up
(Step7)On graph paper make a list of all the different shapes that make up your kite,then draw the shapes on graph paper Use a ruler
(Step8)next color in the kite(try using bright colors)
(Step9)Tape over each wing tip, then punch a hole in each piece,then attach the sticks along the wing folds using 3 pieces of tape (3cm long for each stick)

(Step10)Make a tail with the tissue paper(attach with tape),then tie 1 metre of string to the holes in the wing tips.

*  1 sheet construction paper
*  3 pieces of tissue paper-each 60cm long and 5cm wide
*  2/30 dowel sticks
*  create a line card to wrap flying line around
*  kite template

How to make FLUBBER(for kids project)

1Set out your materials (you’ll need 2 bowls to mix).In one bowl mix 1 1/2 cups of warm water,2 cups of white glue and a few drops of food coloring.In the second bowl 1 1/3 cups of warm water and 3 teaspoons of borax.

Mix the ingredients in each bowl and ask your child what it looks like and how are they diffrent.Next mix the two bowls together combining them. At first the flubber will be wet and sticky but play with it with your hands and the excess liquid will go away. flubber Ask your child questions while they play with the flubber like it stretchy 2. can it bounce if you roll it into a ball does it feel Children love diffrent textures & the interaction they’ll be having with you Things You’ll Need:

  • water
  • borax
  • glue
  • food coloring(preferably green)

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