Two Sonnets – Angel on Your Shoulder & Day’s End

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  • Angel on Your Shoulder
  • </p>
  • The moment that our hearts so kindly met,
  • You touched my soul just like a gentle song.
  • Soft spoken words of yours I can’t forget,
  • Sweet memory to last a lifetime long.
  • </p>
  • If I could write for you a single tune,
  • All dressed in blue reflective shining light,
  • I’d wrap it in the myst’ry of the moon,
  • Sung sweetly in the beauty of the night.
  • </p>
  • If you should ever feel lost or alone,
  • Please don’t forget that you can count on me.
  • The angel on your shoulder guide you home,
  • Because that’s where a friend should always be.
  • </p>
  • My dear sweet one for you I’ll always pray.
  • One candle in the dark I’ll light your way.
  • </p>
  • </p>



  • Day’s End

  • As sun sets on the beauty of this day,
  • In hope that it has not been all for nought,
  • The complexity of that for which I pray,
  • It’s truth lie in the lifetime blessing sought.
  • </p>
  • With beauty, love and dreams we have been blessed.
  • A moment not too soon I felt your heart,
  • This has me needing more than your caress,
  • Two souls as one we’ve made a gentle start.
  • </p>
  • As softly colours blend and crimson, green,
  • Violet, blue and yellow flood the sky,
  • Although I’d love to share this wondrous scene,
  • I raise my eyes and watch you wave goodbye.
  • </p>
  • And how my gentle heart was soon dismayed,
  • Oh, I most sadly wish that you had stayed!
  • </p>
  • -Michele Cameron Drew
  • </p>

Copyright © 2008 Michele Cameron Drew


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