10 Great Uses of Natural Therapy

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To have a white and clean skin

Avoid using pearl cream as it contains mercury which can harm your skin. Instead of using pearl cream, you can use tomato. Tomato contains acidic compounds that help to whiten and cleanse our skin effectively. Firstly, grate the fresh of organic tomato into smaller pieces before spreading gently over your face and neck. Let it dries first before washing your face or neck. This method is also helpful to eliminate nevus comedonicus (abnormal skin problem). Also, it is good for oily skin. Besides tomato, you can also use yogurt for the similar purpose.

 To eliminate acne spots

You will get annoyed when some of the spots are hardly erased away from your skin. To solve this problem, spread a layer of royal jelly honey over your skin evenly. The application of honey should be done several times so that the water around the affected area is absorbed thoroughly. Without water, the germs cannot survive and thus sucking out the water can inhibit the growth of germs and finally solving the annoyance skin problem. Alternatively, you can use rice pulp. Make sure the rice is half cooked and sticky enough and allow it to cool before spreading over your face. Wash your face when the rice pulp is completely dried.

To have smooth, soft skin

Spread a layer of royal jelly honey all over your face. After 15 minutes, use a piece of wet cotton pad to rub gently your face. Wash your face with some lukewarm water.

To have a smooth and soft elbow

Cut a fresh lemon into half. Rub it gently all over your elbow. Remember to squeeze the flesh of lemon while rubbing your elbow.

To have shiny smooth hair

Firstly, mix a cup of royal jelly honey, half cup of olive oil and two tablespoons of lemon juices into a bottle. Cover the lid, and shake the bottle well so that the mixture is mixed thoroughly. Keep storage at room temperature. When you want to use it, spread it onto your hair scalp. Then, comb your hair gently several times with a rough bristled comb. Use your bare palm to massage your hair gently several times in a clockwise direction. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap. Let it sits for approximately 30 minutes. Make sure that your hair is completely cleaned and dried. Always use this method to solve your hair problems. It does help to improve the tenderness and texture of your hair.

To moisturize your dry dull eyes

Do not simply use chemical eye relievers or drops as you may feel better temporally but actually they make your eyesight become worse later. Soak a soft tower in the lukewarm water. Rinse the tower and place it over your eyes for several minutes. The warmth of the towel is effective to cure sluggish and blocked eyes gland besides helping to improve the blood circulation around the eyes’ areas. It can also moisturize your dried eyes naturally.

To cure or prevent puffiness of eyes

Press cold cucumber slices gently against your eyes for approximately 10 minutes before going to bed at night.

To reduce eye tension

It is always very important to take time for thorough eye’s relaxation. You can do this by using eye pads. Make two thick square pads and soak them in cucumber juice or rose water. Close your eyes while lying on the bed. Put the soaked pads over your eyes and let them sit for 20 minutes. Besides that, you can also use used tea bags (green tea tea bags is recommended. Steep them in hot water, allow to cool before using them as eye pads), or grated potato slices, potato juice or very thin raw potato slices can also be used over the eyes as eye pads to reduce puffiness.

Alternatively, you may massage your eyes to reduce your eye’s tension. Close your eyes while lying on the bed. Put your hands over the eyes, and with the base of your palms massage your eyes and the surrounding areas gently and slowly. Massage your eyes in a circle for 3 to 5 times. Open your eyes gradually and look into the darkness for 60 seconds. Then, press the base of your palm gently on the eyes. Release the pressure and repeat the whole steps for 3 to 4 times.

To eliminate dark eye circles around your eyes

Close your eyes while lying down. Spread some grated peppermint around your eyes for several minutes. Wash and clean them with a soft towel.

To relieve the pain of swelling eyes

Press some raw potato or cucumber slices against your eyes for 10 minutes. This method helps to relieve the pain of swelling eyes besides reducing the stress of the muscles around the eyes.


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