Tears of the Waterfall We Can See

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A waterfall is pure

It will not tell you lies

But if a tear is shed

It cries and cries and cries

The waterfall is hurting

But no one really sees

You can not see the forest

Due to all the trees

The water just keeps coming

Cascading over rock

The ambiance enticing

There is no need to talk.

The water just keeps pushing

It’s not going to stop

If I was an ancient miner

It’s here I’d set up shop.

This mountain boasts a vision

You simply have to see

This scene will never change,

Stand through eternity.

The salmon keep on swimming

Strong against the flow

Up through the rushing water,

Ignore the ebb and flow.

The water proves a service

To all the life around

Beginning from a trickle

From A rock that’s in the ground.

Now the water changes course

Drawing from a different source.

The child doesn’t say much,

It’s not easy to see

But there is something wrong

Between the water and the tree.

He does a good job hiding

The pain that he endures

Uses his imagination

To find a heal that cures.

The water keeps on rolling

And it will always be

The child feels so helpless

And lives in misery

The waterfall keeps pouring

But it does not appear

To be that tears are flowing

Each and every year.

Why does the parent do this

Hidden deep from view

But if you lift his shirt up,

You’ll see the black and blue.

He gets his best escape

Through books and poetry

This can not last forever

And one day he’ll be free.

The rock it just keeps bringing

The water from the ground

And we don’t see what’s underneath

Only beauty all around.

The boy is now a man

And he is doing well

He kept right on going

And escaped his living Hell.

When you watch the water rippling,

Smell jasmine in the air,

Remember you just might not see

Everything that’s there.


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