Teach Our Kids To Spell!

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Please Young People Stop Talking.

Learn to spell. Help me stop killing myself when trying to read what you ALL write.

You look like morons when you spell words totally wrong on purpose. You don’t look cool. You don’t sound cool. You look and sound like a fucking chimp. It doesn’t make you seem cool. It makes you seem DUMB.


Naaht does not spell NOT.

Shiz does not make SHIT.

Yeaaass does not make YES === it makes YE – ASS.

Munny means NO MONEY in YOUR FUTURE.

Luv = STUPID! LOVE is a four letter word!

Oh and talking like the rappers that you idolize so much, that means look up to for you inbred son of a bitches, is pretty fucking stupid. They want you to rape, sell drugs and kill people…okay??? Listen to country or something…anything but that shitty music. Let me tell you something…

Lil nutsack, lil john, lil wayne, lil bobo, and lil fuckhead and lil shitty mc shit eater, and lil mack, and lil fucko, and lil gay, and lil stupid, are all just a little too fucking retarded.
How many lil’s are there??? and WHAT THE Hell IS A LIL?


A Shiiiit is a radical muslim extremest group in Iraq and the middle East. SHIT is what what we SHOULD drop on them.

When you recieve something, you tell them you GOT it. Not GOTS it. If one more person tells me they GOTS me a birthday present, im going to punch them in the face for free…

Alright, im done.

Yay for ranting.

Have a nice day everyone.

Try not to shiiiiiiite on people biiiioootcchesss…you’re gay.


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