The San Diego Super Chargers Are Still Alive

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Well hello again folks, die hard number 1 Super Chargers fan Bo Jack is back, but this time not on the attack, I’m on the step back.

Did Norv Turner read my articles on here? Over the last three weeks, Norv has slowly begun using some of my thoughts on how to improve the team. He is using Darren Sproles more, letting Legadu Nannee play more at slot and tight end. He is letting Brandon Manumaleuna block on fullback blocking schemes.

He is using the wide receivers to more of their promising potential. He is running more screen plays and sweeps. He let Nate Kaeding make a 57 yard field goal at the end of the half.

Norv Turner is fighting now, and using his head.

The defense seems better prepared, the young players are stepping up to the plate and delivering, the linebackers are in better position.

Here’s where I eat the crow; I didn’t think Norv was a very good play caller, but he is quite skilled at lining up players in a formation that can fool the defense. I never wanted to give up on my team, but was certain it was all over for us, but with a little help from above, the Broncos lost today to the Bills.

We have gained a new life. I can’t say enough about my boy Phillip Rivers. I have never in my life seen a more determined athlete with the possible exception of Michael Jordan or Evader Hollyfield.

Oh, yeah, Rivers is that good, and his herky jerky delivery, while unconventional, is outstanding and amazing.

That young man DOES have a cannon arm,and is very very strong. He is now one touchdown pass away from tying Dan Fouts in most touchdown passes by a Charger in a season, that number is 33,way back in 1981.

That was when “Air Coryell” was at it’s peak, and nobody, and I mean nobody was even in the same ballpark as the Chargers air attack in those days. Fouts threw for 4,802 yards that season, and at the time, nobody even came close to numbers like that.

Norv is also getting Jacob Hester in on the fun, as I suggested previously about; Although he wasn’t used as a playmaker this morning, he was in the game and quietly blocking for LaDanian Tomlinson.

Tomlinson reached the milestone of achieving 1,000 yards in his first 8 seasons. To my knowledge, only a couple others have done that, I know Curtis Martin is one of them.

So it comes down to a Sunday night game next week, here in San Diego, and karma will find it’s way into Qualcomm Stadium and the San Diego Super Chargers will win the AFC West and play all road games in the playoffs, and have a legitimate chance at getting to the final game, as they deserve.

Our window of opportunity is limited, don’t forget that my friends.

Seeing Tomlinson look like his old self was very encouraging today, we are looking the best we have all season, and this is the time to be doing your best, and the Chargers are doing exactly that.

I will guarantee victory next Sunday night if Norv Turner doesn’t lose his current nasty temperament.

So hang in there SD Super Chargers, we are making a move in the AFC powerhouse game.

Others may not be scared of us, but they should be.


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