Internet Explorer Errors, When I close one tab or window, All Close

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There are a few problems with the internet explorer browser that may be giving you a headache.  First when you have multiple tabs or windows of internet explorer open at one time and you try to close one of them it closes all of them.  Also if you are doing ok surfing the internet for a while and all of the sudden the window you are viewing just closes and gives you an error.  The most common causes for this headache are add ons and toolbars.  Here are you few steps you can take to fix this problem.

The first thing that you should do is print a copy of this help file, or make a copy of the link on your desktop, because you will have to close all open windows of internet explorer before you can take these actions. 

This will remove all of your addons and toolbars so if there is anything important like a favorite website or a bookmark you should make a copy of it.

First Click on the Start menu

Then Click Run

Then type the following inetcpl.cpl in the typing box

This will open up the internet explorer options box.  The next thing you want to do is click on the ADVANCED tab and click on the button that says RESET.  This will bring up another box that tells you that it is reseting your internet explorer options.  After this is finished you should be able to go back to internet explorer and have hassle free surfing. I hope this helped fix your problems.


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