Kick that Sugar Habit in the Rear

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Sugar is a killer ~sure it’s sweet but once you turn your back it’s in your system and causing damage! Did you know that sugar is a main preservative in many of your processed foods? About 85 different forms of sugar are found in these processed foods. Another good reason to go organic whole foods! Read your lables. In this article I will be covering a few strategies to get sugar out of your diet.

  • Keep sugar out of your house try and buy whole foods. You will find that you will opt for what you have in the house rather than guiltily making a special sugar run
  • When a sugar craving hits drink a large glass of filtered water with lemon if you have it, the lemon aids in detoxing the body and the water fills your stomach
  • Keep crunchy healthy snacks around the house pretzels, celery, raw nuts, seeds, yogurt, fruit
  • Beware of corn products, many people with sugar addictions are also allergic to corn
  • Avoid caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and alcoholic beverages they tend to increase sugar cravings
  • Eat regular balanced meals, the body will crave quick energy if you let it get too hungry
  • Eliminate the white out of your diet, white flour, rice,regular pasta, all processed carbohydrates trigger the sugar cravings
  • Floss and brush your teeth after a meal if you usually crave dessert
  • Get plenty of sleep you may turn to sugar for quick energy if you lack sleep

Realize that sugar is “poison” I will be writing more on the effects of sugar as well as how to spot sugar on lables in later articles. Feel free to do your own research as well. 65% of this information is from the book “NEVER Be FAT AGAIN” by Raymond Francis~20% is from “the worlds healthies foods” by Geaorge Mateljan. and credits go to my teacher Nutrionist/Professor/Dietition~and my own internet research balancing out the remaining percent.

You may also enjoy the article below as well it is how I kicked it personally.


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