How to question everything…random thoughts by Me.

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We wonder to to ourselves what goes through people’s heads sometimes…

I was out getting ashtrays for a party on Saturday. As I walked away from the line, the HUGE woman  behind me said to the cashier “I want to return this, I want my money back.”

So I thought to myself, Who the heck is returning something at THE DOLLAR STORE!?!?!”

I never turned around to find out more about this woman, so I thought to myself….

What could she POSSIBLY be returning???

Mento’s was an option that came up.

“Excuse me, these mentos are not making me fresh!  Give me a refund!”


“Excuse me, These butterfly clips are not making my hair fluffy and floaty!”


“Excuse me, these condoms broke, I want my dollar back”


I need a shower. Shower, let’s analyze shower…the WORD shower….it doesn’t always mean a shower to clean, a shower, one would think could be anything falling on you from above your head, like poop, or pee, or the SKY, or death, imagine that??? I am going to take a death shower you guys….I won’t be back. Or gold??? What if real gold fell from the sky??? Golden shower??? I think that’s a little scary…Because Gold would take the name of a shower we often refer to when beging peed on.

What else???

Rap Metal. The combination of rap and metal….I’ll tell you what I think, I think some of us should take some metal to some Rappers.

Eternity… MAN, that’s a long  time. Eternity, the way they make it sound too, it sounds REALLY long…..

I hate mirrors. One moment you look in it and you look pretty good, you’re like oh….nice….then ten minutes later you’re like “WHAT THE Crap!?!?!” I look like sloth from goonies! Is my ear drooping???


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