Mean Girls

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I remember when I was in fifth grade and how there were so many mean girls.

I was never listened to and was treated with contempt by these mean girls.

One girl was always taunting me and pulling my hair.

Another would say something mean whenever she got the chance.

I remember the mean girls in sixth grade.

They tried to push me into my locker.

I remember the mean girls in high school.

They did not talk to me when I asked them a question.

I remember the mean girls did not like me.

I remember the mean girls thought they were everything.

They said I was ugly and I used to believe them.

However, I have many people now who tell me I am beautiful.

I have many who love me and who are my friends.

They think I am beautiful and it is not just exteriorly.

They love me for who I am inside.

I have left the mean girls behind while not becoming one of them.

I have made a life of my own.

Sometimes I come into contact with these mean girls.

However, they are silently envious of what I have.

They were not able to make me hate myself and turn into a loser.

In fact, they made me even more determined to succeed.

I saw how people hated them and I promised myself I would not be like them.

I would not be a mean girl.

And I have not become a mean girl.

Nice girls rule! Mean girls drool!


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