Pink Floyd is Great!

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Hi every one, I just got back from that concert and let me tell you it was an amazing concert! Probably the best concert I’ve ever been to!! If ever you get a chance to go see them I think you should go! They are really amazing and they sound really good to! I find that they sound allot like the real Pink Floyd. they are one of the top cover bands in the world!! thats amazing!! And theres also the light show during the concert. its really unbelievable how great it turns out when they put it all together. this year they played the hole The Wall CD, it was so good! and at the end they play some of there greatest hits song like, Wish you Were Here, The Great Gig In The Sky, Shine on you crazy diamond and allot more! it truly was an amazing show! I consider it to every one that like music! they give a really good show and the tickets arn’t even that expencive! they are only like 40$ and trust me its really worth it! if ever you have a chance to go see the…

GO SEE THEM! They are truly the best!! i garebtee you will be satisfied. The song, The Wall, was so amazing! i just couldn’t believe how incredible it was! and also The Great Gig In The Sky was extremely good! the girl is super tallented to be able to sing like that! at first befor the concer me and my friend were talking about how we didn’t think they could pull it off but they did and it really surprised us! Its truly amazing go see them if you can, well this is the end hope you enjoy reading this.


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