I’ll Never Quit

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Well here is another one of my poems. This one is about my relationship with my boyfriend of 14 years on and off. We have been through some pretty rough stuff. Alot of good things have happened to us. But alot of bad things have happened to us too. Somehow we always seem to make it through, no matter what it is that’s going on. We met in Junior High. I was 12 and he was 15. And we met in the cafeteria. A mutual friend introduced us to each other and after a couple of months, we were inseperable. It’s funny how much things can change over the years. Sometimes it can be a good thing for change. But for the most part, at least in my life, change has been nothing but pain and suffering and heartache. I wish things would go back to being as easy as they were when we first met. But not matter what happens with us he is my world. He is my everything. I would be completely lost without him. I could never love anyone as much as I love him.  Most of my poems are about him or have something to do with him in one way or another. He has been one of the biggest reasons that I keep trying to do things, no matter how much I fail. I just keep on getting back up and going back to it. It may take a while, but I finally get there.

I don’t care

How hard it gets

I’ll never give up

I’ll never forget

The way you loved me once

Even if it’s not that way now

I’ll never quit on you

That will always be my vow.

We can argue

And we can fight

I still love you

More than my life.


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