Pursuing Desire

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This poem is about media attitudes and ambitions transforming society into its’ own liking. The island describes the U.S. The lions and the birds describe the people that have been transformed by the media. And the Beasts is the main stream media outlet itself. The contents explains an individual’s desire and willingness to pursue better things, rather than accept lies and false influencial candidates. We must create a lasting impression that says “I will not give in to the rigors of these worldly attitudes”. We must be slow to show our impatience but grow a prevailing attitude among all things. We must prepare ourselves to take that next step. Continue growing your existence ever so strong! We must continue growing no matter what the circumstances are or how rough the journey is. We can only grow stronger from these worldly struggles. We must prepare ourselves to dive into unknown territory. We must find the courage and strength to step into enemy grounds and not be shaken by temptation and evil. But, in doing so, we must hold true to the very faith that made this all possible. The poem is called pursuing desire.

A very adventurous place.

A place where the population is almost extinct.

The ferocious lions terrorize the residents as they seek.

The oversized chaotic birds flock around the smell of fear.

You havn’t seen anything yet until you’ve seen the Beasts.

The terror that rocks the island.

As unrelenting waters clash dangerously along the edge of the island, escape is almost hopeless.

Every living thing on this island is shut off from the rest of the world.

Survival is nearly impossible.

But, there is hope yet, for I will not go quietly.

I will prevail!


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