How To Have A Beautiful Table For Christmas Dinner

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Do you want to add some beauty and color to your Christmas table this year?  You’ve set the table with your best plates, utensils and glasses, along with enough varities of food to please your entire family, yet something is missing. Oh, yes.  The centerpiece.  A centerpiece that is not only beautiful. but gives your table that traditional holiday touch.  Now that you know what is missing, how do you go about fixing the situation?  Here are a few tips for a simple, yet elegant Christmas centerpiece.

The first thing you need to remember when decorating your table for Christmas dinner is to make sure that you pick a color theme and stick with it.  Of course, the standard colors for Christmas decorations are red, gold, white and green.  These are all good choices and will make your table very attractive.  However, if you want to try something unique you can go with blue, a light shade of purple or even use the color that is most predominant in your home.

One of the most popular types of simple Christmas centerpieces is made by using a small wreath and placing it in the center of the table.  It can already be decorated or you can choose to do this yourself.  If you are wanting a wintery theme, decorate this wreath with snowflakes or wrap it in white garland.  If you want a traditional feel for your Christmas wreath, then try using pretty red ribbons and bows.  You can lay these ribbons and bows on the wreath or you can glue them on.

When you are through decorating the wreath, place a large red or green candle in the center of it.  If you think the long, thin tapered candles are better, then place several of those in the middle.   You can buy them all in the same color, or mix them up.  You can also have them be the same size, or you can have one or more taller candles with shorter ones placed around them.  Be very careful not to place the candles too close to the wreath as the hot wax can start a fire.

If you want something less traditional and more unique for your Christmas centerpiece, try using hurricane lamps.  Place these down the middle of your table, keeping the spacing even as you go.  You can then place little snowmen figures, reindeer or angels, if you are more religious.  You might even want to combine this idea with the above.  Try putting a hurricane lamp in the middle of the wreath instead of the candles.

Napkins should also go along with the color theme of your Christmas centerpiece. Use two different colored napkins at each place setting.  You can try red and green, silver and gold, red and gold…whichever two colors have been used to decorate the table.  Roll the napkins, either together or seperately, then place one napkin on top of the other and tie it with the same type of beautiful wired ribbon.  Wired ribbon can make the perfect napkin holder because it can be shaped to fit around either thick or thin napkins.  Once you have tied them together, place them in the middle of the plate so that your family and guests will be able to take in the whole effect of the table as soon as they enter the room.

If you have decorated with snowmen, angels, bells or wreaths for your table decorations, try using stemware that has some type of decoration on it.  That will complete the effect of the theme of your Christmas centerpiece and will make your table not only inviting, but a joy to sit down to.  It’s really all about creating a unique Christmas centerpiece which shows off your distinctive personality.


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