Times when you should not give out advice

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Times and situations when you are not in the predicament to advise:

* Woman, do you even have a man yourself? If this answer is no…..please don’t advise

* Have you ever been a long term relationship yourself (over 2 or 3 yrs)….If no….please don’t advise

* Are you bitter in your own life and secretly despise those who have found love? If yes….get some confidence in yourself, and please don’t advise

* Do you always manage to see the negative points and never the positive… Stop hating, and please don’t advise

* Do you have a man whom of which you put on a pedestal, yet everyone Else’s man seems so low… If so, step into reality and see what you’ll discover

* Are you frustrated with the path you’ve taken in life and constantly find yourself aggravated by those who are doing well…Be patient your time will come, but for now; please don’t advise

Often times it’s easy as pie to dish out advice and “keep it real” with our friends, but who’s to say if we are really keeping it real with ourselves? This reminder was simply sent out to keep us on point and aware of the fact that it’s quite easy to judge others, but more complex when dealing with self. We all have problems from time to time, and no one is perfect. Naturally, we may give advice to our loved ones, but always make sure that your advice comes from a loving place. If you are miserable yourself, don’t advise others to be miserable; simply hold your tongue until better times. Those in seek of advice should always use common sense. Ask questions like “Is this person in the predicament to help me out by using sound judgement, or will his/her comments be biased by their own personal situation?”

In the end, you must live for self…and if your-self is not in a good place…don’t give out advise


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