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Tarina’s Revelations
Queen Zee

Tarina’s Revelations is an exciting story about a young woman named

Tarina Henderson.  Tarina was madly in love with her long term friend and

boyfriend, Greg.  One evening Greg called Tarina to meet with him at their

favorite spot and suddenly he breaks things off! Tarina was completely

caught off guard because she actually was expecting a proposal, and never

thought that anything like this would happen.  With no answers or clue as to

why Greg wanted to end it, Tarina felt totally abandoned.

Due to the fact that Greg had left, Tarina started to reminisce of a time

that she’d buried away.  She thought of how she used to be, and why she was

once afraid to love. Recalling an ex-boyfriend from her college days

reminded her of how much worst things could be.  She reasoned that Greg

was no saint, but at least he didn’t beat her, and he didn’t be-little her like

Mike had.  After escaping Mike’s wraft and dealing with her father’s death,

Tarina’s heart was forever damaged. Meeting Greg and falling under his

spell was her first experience of learning to love again.  Realizing how

much she loved Greg and needed him in her life, Tarina decided to go after


After discovering that Greg was serious about the break-up and had

disconnected his phone, Tarina was totally distraught.  She felt as if she was

being set-up, it felt as if his motives were all apart of some destructive plan,

but his reasons were unclear.

During the mist of all that had happened, Tarina really needed to talk to a

friend. After days of trying to reach her best pal Liz, finally her call was

answered.  Liz agreed that Tarina’s situation seemed a bit out of the box, and

offered to take her friend out for a day of relaxation.  Eventually, the ladies

were at a spa, getting the treatment that all women love and deserve.

Suddenly a strange woman approaches Tarina and strikes up a conversation

about her new found love. After bragging about the wonderful man that

she’d met, the woman’s bubbly disposition turns cold. Then in the end, she

yells that Greg is the man that she had been speaking of, and runs out of the

Spa in a flash.  Tarina rushed to catch her, but by the time she made it to the

door, the woman was gone with the wind.

All of this drama had escaped Liz’s attention because she was in another

room.  When  Tarina located her friend and told her of what had happened,

they decided that it was time to take action. After calling a detective and

setting up an appointment, Tarina wondered if she was doing the right thing.

She began to think about some of the things the woman had said and tried to

solve the mystery on her own. After calling a store in Florida that the

woman claimed to own, she was discouraged by an answering machine.

After leaving a message, she could only hope that the detective would bring

answers to her questions.

Hiring a detective was only the beginning to the drama that was soon to

come. In the process of finding out the truth about Greg’s actions, Tarina

learned much more than she’d bargained for. During those painful months

Tarina had been emotionally drained, attacked by two women, and

ultimately amazed at discovering  Greg’s true character.  Her best friend Liz

had also been harassed by some crazed person over the phone and internet. 

Eventually, Tarina learned how to deal with the events in her life, and made

some wonderful discoveries in the process. This time in  Tarina’s life was

visited by pain, stress, and the fear of loss. In the end, she gained wisdom,

love, and a beautiful baby boy.     This was truly the year that Tarina became     

a woman, it the full of revelations!

The motivation behind this manuscript is the simply my need to write.

This is the first complete book that I have ever written, and I want to find out if I have

what it takes to be a successful author. I have always loved to write, and feel that I have a

lot to offer the world. I envision this work being marketed to young adults who love to

read fiction.


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