3 Simple Steps For Tighter Glowing Skin

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I don’t know about you, but I hate spending hours and money — trying six different creams, potions and lotions for my face.

I want simple, yet effective skin care regime for wrinkle free skin. Well, I found it! I’m almost 50 years old and people guess me to still be in my late thirties!

Here are my 3 Simple Steps

1. Feed Your skin – Build More Collagen

I use a strong copper peptide cream. It doesn’t smell pretty, it doesn’t come in a fancy expensive bottle or jar, and it’s blue – but once you rub it into the skin the color disappears – but this is some serious skin care stuff!! Probably the best anti aging cream on the market.

Clinical data on anti aging research shows Copper Peptides to be effective at reversing skin aging on human skin. Copper Peptides also can:

Tightening loose skin

Improving skin elasticity

Improving skin firmness

Reducing fine lines and depth of wrinkles

2. Exfoliate – Get Rid of Old Dead Skin to Make Way For New Collagen

Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid are exfoliating agents used for facial peels. These natural agents – derived from sugar found in milk and fruits — offer a number of benefits to aging skin such as:

reducing enlarged pores

eliminating fine lines

exfoliating dead skin cells

If you’re over 40, the lactic acid should be your best friend because as we age our skin gets dry, dull, and discolored. All those years of sun bathing is now starting to show up on your face (sigh!)

This hydrating lotion not only helps remove sun spots and discoloration, but hydrates and gives you skin a moist smooth glow. The salicylic acid is great for closing up large pores. I use both a few times a week and love them.

Other benefits include: increase collage production, increase moisture binding properties, and help dissolve and remove stretch marks and other skin lesions.

3. Moisturize, heal and protect – with Emu Oil

When you apply a moisturizer are you really moisturizing or just covering your face with unnatural greases and waxes.

Unfortunately, most moisturizers are full of chemicals; however, emu oi is a natural moisturizer — with a similar composition to human skin oils. Not only can it protecting your skin from water loss and help to prevent wrinkles, it can also heal inflamed and damaged skin.

The Australian Aborigines have used this and only this to heal and protect their skin for hundreds of years. That says a lot considering how harsh the sun is in Australia.

Emu Oil works for all skin types and won’t aggravate specific skin problems like, dry itchy skin, clogged pores or whiteheads. It’s has healing properties that especially helpful for burns, eczema and psoriasis.

I use it every day and every time I wash my face.

These are my 3 favorite Simple Wrinkle Free Skin Tips. Get More Details from the link below………..



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