Planning Your Wedding Gift Registry – Tips for Building a Registry

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While some guests prefer to give a gift of cash or something that they choose themselves, many wedding guests turn to a wedding gift registry in order to be sure that they are giving you a gift that you’ll enjoy for years to come. A wedding gift registry is your chance to let people know your style and what types of things you can use in your home.

When planning your wedding gift registry, there are many things that you should do to make sure that your guests feel comfortable making a purchase from the list:

  • Give people a range of prices. When you create your wedding registry, make sure that you include several items of different prices. Some guests may not be able to afford much, while others prefer to buy several gifts at lower prices. Don’t be afraid to include a few items that are at prices that may seem prohibitively expensive – sometimes groups of people like to pitch in to purchase something larger. The important thing is that people feel as though they have a good choice of gifts to give you.
  • Choose stores that your guests will know. Create a wedding registry at a couple of different stores, but make sure that they are stores that the guests will recognize. Remember that some stores may be common in one area of the country, but may be unheard of in other areas.
  • Give people an online or in-store option. These days, it’s very convenient to place orders online and many of your guests will appreciate the ability to do their shopping from the convenience of their own home. However, remember that you may have some guests that are not online. Make sure that these guests are able to visit a brick-and-mortar store, view your registry there (many stores offer this feature) and make the purchase.
  • Have someone else notify guests where you are registered. Some people find it rude for the bride and groom to let guests know where they are registered. Avoid this situation by letting a few key family members spread the word to all of the guests. This avoids any hurt feelings and allows guests the opportunity to purchase something that is not on your list, but that they want to give.

Your guests will want to honor your wedding day by giving you gifts. Make sure this is easy for them to do by planning your wedding gift registry well ahead of time. Your guests will thank you


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