Designing your own video games

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RPGToolkit3_Thumb.jpg programing software

The first step to designing your own video games is to type this into the address bar. ( It will bring you to the official site. If you are not sure if you are on the right site, just type Rpg toolkit into Google and it should be the first choice to click on. Click on it and proceed to the next step.

download_Thumb.jpg game software

Now you will need to click on the tab called toolkit which is located at the top of the site’s page. Once you have done that then you will want to click on the icon to the left when the page loads. It will say Rpg toolkit and have an image like the one I have provided above. Now you will need to download the file and it should only take a few minutes to complete the entire download. After the download is complete, just follow the easy to follow directions provided for you.

rpgtool_Thumb.jpgcomputer game

Once you have finished downloading the RPG Toolkit, you are ready to get started. Now if you have no idea on how to do anything on the program they have tutorials on the website as well as the program. If you need help finding the tutorials on the program all you have to do is hit the help button on the top and it should say right there. If you need further assistance, contact them directly. As you continue to work with this program, you will gain a much better understanding of it and grasp the whole concept gradually.


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