10 Things I need

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Someone asked me what needs I have this Christmas season. After writing down my needs over and over again I felt strangely unsettled, something wasn’t right within my spirit. I felt as though these needs I was addressing were not needs at all in fact they were more of a want.

I started thinking to myself what is it really that I need that I don’t have already, because I feel so blessed.   The haunting of the spirit snuck up in me like a wind no doors could close on. I began addressing my true needs some of which I need constantly, and some I could use more off. They went something like this:

Strength from The Lord above~ to press on in the face of adversity to be a mother convinced of the miracle and to stay persuent after my dreams.

Courage~ to withstand the fire in which I am thrown into, in order to be molded and set apart from this world

The eyes of God~ so that I may see people the way God does for who they really are.

The heart of God~ so that I may love people the way in which God loves them and myself.

Prayer~ without it I may not be the person I am today, to have people pray for me has been a gift in it’s own and to pray for others has shown me the power.

A relationship with God~ I have gotten this far only by means of surrender of the flesh and my spirit has began the journey to join with my purpose.

Surrender~I find myself fighting within what I want and what God wants and when I surrender and humble myself I can see~without surrendering I am calloused and blind.

Faith~To know God loves me so much he could never leave me to stray and all these dark days are to help me grow and to lead me through the tunnel into the light.

To Remember~God is in control always

Forgivness~for others and for myself

There are many more needs in which I could address but these were the ones that stuck out the most. I still havent given my friend the list~But I have given it to God!!!


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