This Man I Know

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This Man I Know

This man I know

Filled with lies and disgrace

Comes out of hiding

He shows me his face

I’ve been looking for him

For years on end

Only to find

I shouldn’t even started

For he can look you in the eyes

Hurt you with knowing it

Tell you a lie

Have no remorse for doing it

Caught in the action

Not once, but twice

This man I know

This man I can’t revive

Change his ways

I thought he would notice

That the life he could have

Is better then the one he’s chosen

Hiding behind what he wants

Not knowing what he needs

This man I know

He can’t be part of me

How could we share the same blood?

For I’m told I have a heart of Gold

Able to comfort anyone

I don’t want to know this man I know

To him, I’m just a face

Just a reminder of the past

Is that why he’s come around

Wishing that it could of last

But now, why now

He has a family to love

This man I know

Well, I thought I knew,

You’d think I’d know.

* I wrote this based on my relationship with my father. Many times i was told something i wanted to hear ans soon he got caught up and pushed himself into a hole he could not get out of. When i was old enough to realize the true him i pushed myself to forgive and forget.


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