Cheating Burden

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I see the pain in her eyes as she tells me she loves him. I know though. I‘ve had those eyes and those secret pains that even though I knew I deserved better I ran back to the only thing I knew how to love.

We talked that day when she had suspicions about him cheating. She convinced me and so all I could do was feel her pain and agree. I knew. Should I tell her though? I didn’t want to be the one to break up a family.

I felt I had a burden. One in which I should not have to carry. Yet I take on the responsibility of fixing this broken relationship and try to find the missing pieces. Only the pieces that I find I want to lose again because they don’t make anything better. I’m so into this and I want this to work out so bad, I can’t stand to see someone I love get hurt.

That night what I know I should tell her haunts me. Every time I close my eyes the day replays in my head like I’m meant to do something with it. I throw my head into the pillow but that only makes matters worse as I start to lose my breath. I try to turn up the music that was once playing softly in the background to try to drown out the memory, but that doesn’t even work. Eventually I lose my patients and I grab the phone and call her.

I let the phone ring three times before I hang up. Then I decide to try again and this time after the first ring, she picks up.

“Hello!” the voice on the other end says

“Hello Tami.” I say as innocent and softly as I can.

“Is there something wrong? Why are you calling so late?” Her voice filled with concern.

I know I should tell her what I called to tell her. That is that I know that her husband is cheating on her and that I should have told her sooner. I saw him one say after work leave with another woman and I followed to see where they were headed of to. They ended up in a park parking lot, one that was secluded from everyone, and that’s when it happens. They got to close and personal and I knew what I saw would never leave me.

“Tami. I have something to tell you. Something that I should have told you sooner and something that has been bothering me.”

“I know that you want to talk, but I kind of have a client over right now.” That is when I hear another mans voice. It sounded kind of close and a little too friendly. “I’m kind of in the middle of something….O’ will you not tell anyone about his Anna.” She starts to tell me. Then that’s when I realized. This was no ordinary client. That what I wanted to tell Tami, is the same thing she is doing to Todd. Cheating.

The saddest thing about this story is that they are my parents.


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