Grasp Video Streaming SEO 1st Part

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Most of us have no clue what the difference is between Search Engine Optimization for Directories and Search Engine Optimization for video streaming sites.  Briefly, video streaming sites are social networks built on user generated content that is supported by other users.  As we all know SEO (search engine optimization), is key to becoming visible on the web. Whether you’re looking to get your blog more attention, you’re looking for more opt-ins for a newsletter or business, or you’re looking for exponential growth of your business all together; learning all facets of SEO is very important and will help you to achieve your goals for all of your endeavors.

Before I get into the mechanics of SEO all together, I wanted to quickly state that video streaming is a different animal in itself.  The way videos will become popular on streaming sites works almost the same as becoming a part of a social network.  Believe it or not video streaming sites like, Dailymotion, Revver, YouTube, and Yahoo videos are social networks, but through a different style of communication.  This style of communication is through the users that generate content on the video streaming site.  Some examples of optimizing your videos and channel views would include:  Ratings, comments, popularity, original productions and a lot of content.  First you would need to set up an account with a video streaming website and come prepared with content. After creating a “profile” and creating a captivating page on your chosen video streaming site profiles, you will need to consider that you just joined a community of people; not some robot you can shoot videos at.  What I mean by this is, normally when you generate what is needed for Directory Search Engine Optimization, it only requires computing and knowledge to get a profile crawling the web. These rules only apply if you are promoting your channel or profile through SEO. The most important thing you must do is become a part of that community you joined.  I will write a separate article for that. Now, before pressing on with this article, you must first know SEO for search engine directories and how that works. The basics of SEO for search engine directories consist of keywords and key phrases. These are what make your title, description, and meta tags searchable on the web interface.  Most directories do have rules about how an entry is indexed.  Understanding their rules and guidelines are imperative to your implementation. A few of the popular search engine directories for video would be, Yahoo Video, Google Video, YouTube, Metacafe, and Revver.  If your video appears on the front pages of these sites under a search, keep doing what you’re doing. In order to captivate the audience, you must implement two things:  #1) Video content.  If the first 20 seconds of your video content comes across as “flat, boring, typical, pushy, etc.”, your viewer will do a simple thing called, “click out”. 


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