Dealing With Occupational Asthma

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Asthma Symptoms – Dealing With Occupational Asthma

If you suffer from asthma, and you have noticed that it has got worse, or even begun, whilst you are at your current workplace, you could very well be suffering from occupational asthma. This is the same as normal asthma, but the onset of an asthma attack is caused by factors that have arisen in the place at which you work. You may even find that you have experienced asthma symptoms after leaving your work place, and this is fairly common.

With the increase of chemicals etc. in the workplace, occupational asthma has gotten worse over the past few years, and the main triggers for an asthma attack in these situations are things like – allergies to chemicals, dust, wood shavings and particles and pollution. There are a few workers that are a higher risk of this type of asthma, and they are pretty expected. They are:

People that work in the manufacture of chemicals – household and industrial cleaning products etc.



Laboratory Workers


Plastic and Metal workers

There are also a few people that you might not necessarily think of, like Doctors, Nurses and any other healthcare professionals and this is because viral infections and other common conditions are a regular trigger factor for any type of asthma.

If you have found that you are experiencing asthma symptoms after leaving the conditions in which you found they had worsened, you wouldn’t be alone. A lof of people find that they experience the same symptoms for many years after the elimination of workplace exposure. However, many people find that the symptoms decrease dramatically after leaving. Everyone is different and our bodies react differently to different situations. It’s the same as some people have a good reaction to one type of medication, and some don’t and need to try out other types of medication.

Once you have been diagnosed with occupational asthma, you can then take pathways to prevent the onset of any other asthma attacks, and the main way of doing this, and the most successful is to leave the workplace that you are having problems with. It is a very dramatic move, but when it comes to the sake of your health, I think, like many others, that it will be worth it!


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