What to look out for with asthma

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Asthma Causes Symptoms – What To Look Out For

For those that suffer from this condition, asthma causes symptoms are incredibly important. Why the condition has happened and why the symptoms happen the way they happen help an asthma sufferer understand their condition more.

The exact reason that asthma develops in a person is still not yet fully understood, but it has been believed that there are environmental factors that contribute. You may notice that you get asthma attacks following certain trigger factors. Therefore we can understand the causes behind an attack but not yet of the condition itself.

Asthma attacks happen when certain things irritate the lungs and airways. These things generally include things like allergies, for example, to animal fur or dust particles. You may find that sitting by a person that is smoking triggers an asthma attack, and this will be because the smoke from the cigarette will be agitating the lungs and airways. Walking past a construction site may also cause an attack, due to the dust particles caused when the workers are working.

An asthma sufferer will notice that their attacks are increased during the spring and summer months when pollen is at it’s most, and this will be because the pollen particles are irritating the nose and airways, and may cause them to have trouble breathing, therefore having an attack.

Exercise is also another asthma cause – when a person exercises, their breathing becomes more rapid and this is when an asthma attack is most likely to happen.

Being able to understand the asthma causes symptoms will help a person to understand their condition and why the attacks happen when they do, and it may also allow a sufferer to control his or her condition, in the way of avoiding certain things and situations that could potentially cause an attack.


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