Tips to deal with asthma

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Asthma And Management – Tips To Help With Asthma

If you have asthma, knowing helpful tips in the way of asthma and management can benefit you greatly. You may find that involving yourself in self help groups and internet forums can enable you to come across ways in which other people cope with their condition which you can use to help your own situation.

There are some tips which you could bear in mind if you have asthma, and the first one I wish to mention is that you should give up smoking. It has been proven that those that smoke have more frequent and serious asthma attacks, so it may be worth you going to your Doctor or other healthcare professional to find information on how to give up if you do smoke. You could also think about avoiding places in which smoking is allowed, or other pollution is present, where possible.

An asthma sufferer may find that exercise proves to be a difficult task, especially in cold weather, but it is still an important factor in everyday life and you should aim to partake in short, brief periods of exercise to enable your lungs to get used to it, which they will after a while. You should also aim to drink at least six large glasses of water a day.

Plant derived Vitamin C supplements could also be taken as it has been proven to be an effective asthma management vitamin. Herbal teas, chest and back massages and also increased Omega 3 have also been used to try and control the condition, with some good feedback.

Obivously, there are some treatments and remedies that may not be advisable for asthma sufferers to use, and advise should be sought from a healthcare professional before any sort of treatment is started. Asthma and management is about being helpful to those that suffer, and if something was used or induced that could potentially harm a person, it would not be effective asthma management!


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