A Life Taken To Soon

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At some point in all our lives, a death of a loved one touches us all.  Very young indeed, at only sixteen, my husband’s mother at forty-two, passed this life to another.  All too quick, no time for final goodbyes.  I felt his pain and stood by his side, crying together for the longest time.

High school sweethearts, him and I, only knowing his mother for a short time.   When she was alive, we had broken up a few times.  Tears in his eyes, his loving mother feel in his pain, told him not to fret, for there were “a lot other fish in the sea”.  How I wish she was still here, not having the only memory of me, breaking her sons heart.

Married years later, proud parents of three.  How I seem to miss her more now.  So many years have passed, very quickly indeed.  How I would have loved to ask her advice, share our thoughts, and become friends.  Enjoying her grandchildren, so much has been lost.  I do think of her often, hoping she would be proud of what a wonderful son she brought into this world.

I hope she is looking down upon us all, a guardian angel I call.  Guiding her grandchildren, keeping them safe, in this place we call life.  Looking down through the stars and clouds, hopefully making her proud to see there were no other “fish in the sea.  We were always meant to be.  More than ever loving her son.  A son she cherished, as do I.  If only in life she can be here to witness, not a spirit in the far distance.


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