Exercise in your Back Yard Pool

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This is an easy way to get some fitness back into your life in the privacy of yours or a friends back yard.
You’ll Need:

                       In ground or aboveground pool

                       2 Pieces of plastic 1sq ft ea

                       A foam kick board

                       A firm resolve.


Backyard pools are not designed for laps usually but they can be used for aerobic type exercise. Jog in the water. In above ground pools you should run in a circle, and count each revolution as one lap. Other shaped pools lend themselves to other types of jogging. This also cuts down on impact injury. As an addition to jogging, if the water is deep enough when it covers your arms you can stroke along with the running as added exertion.


Get a piece of flat plastic, preferably sign sheets (such as Realty use) and cut two 1 foot square pieces. In the centre of each cut a handle, or something to grab on to. At regular intervals, say, each 10 laps, take the plastic pieces, one in each hand and submerge them. Press against them making the flat 1sq ft to resist against the water. This is an inexpensive way to do Pectoral exercises, like the Pec. Deck machine at the Gym. No weights necessary, the faster you push the more water resistance there is.


After a predetermined number of strokes, take the kick board and float with it, kicking your way around the laps for a similar distance. Then repeat the exercises with the plastic squares. Then go back to the first step and jog the same distance again. Repeat the whole process. It will become easier each day as your fitness level increases. The advantage here is the privacy of your own yard far from the “beautiful” people at the gym.


·                                 Make a timetable for yourself and stick to it.

·                                 Plan how many of each step you are going to do.

·                                 You may not initially see a change, but your friends will.

·                                 Be sensible, don’t overdo it


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