Make your car an advertising star

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I’ve just started promoting a product that will launch in the UK in January. Apart from all my online efforts to get my website and product related blog seen, I want to get the news out to the ‘real world’ too.

UK folk are notoriously shy of MLM, but I think I now have a product that will grab their attention.

My first step has been to produce a basic poster. Until launch we don’t have access to full product marketing materials so what we have to use needs to be home made.

At the moment my poster is stuck in the back window of my car on my driveway, so when people walk past they can see it easily. They can write down my email or phone number or even knock on my door and I have a stock of business cards and flyers all ready to give them.

If I’m out, I have to move the poster to a side window for easy vision. I pick the most obvious and high-traffic part of the car park or a good street location. Even 15 minutes outside my local post office gets a lot of footfall past my ad.

And do you know, this is working!  I’ve had text messages, emails and hits on my websites and blogs.

Once the launch is done, then I can greatly improve the content and appearance both of what I hand out and display on the car – I might upgrade to bumper stickers or a vinyl door sign for example or a back window strip that won’t hinder my view.

The point is, wherever I go in the car, my ad goes with me and that is a very valuable asset.


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