Draw Tables in ‘Word’

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This article describes the steps to using the tables feature on Microsoft Word. Tables can be a very useful tool in explaining all manner of plans, lessons, math, and relativity. Microsoft Word’s table making feature is a quick and simple way to make tables according to your needs, and uses. You’ll Need:


                       Typing Skills

                       Microsoft Word


Point to the START menu and click on Microsoft Word which will open a blank Word page. Alternatively, if there is a Word icon on your desktop, simply double-click on it.


Point to the menu at the top of the screen and click on TABLE which will open a menu. Choose the desired sizes iof the table by selecting the relevant controls.


Point to INSERT inside that menu then click on TABLE.


On the small screen that appears set the number of columns and rows that you require and click OK. A table will appear wherever your cursor is located.


Alternatively, on the menu bar click on the [insert table]icon and drag the mouse to the size of table you require. Releasing the mouse button causes a selected table to appear at your mouse location.


Adjust the size of your columns by dragging the lines with the mouse and adjust the rows the [Enter] Key.


                        The TAB key does not function in a table.

                        You can always use the back button if you make a mistake

                        Make sure you save and back up your work periodically.


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