How to make your own clutch bag.

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I love handbags, I have loads of them. Some of them I have bought and some of them I have made. If you want to make your own bags, then a clutch is definitely the easiest one to start with.

You will need: 25cm x 32cm of the fabric of your choice for the outside of the bag.

25cm x 32cm fabric for the lining, I recommend something smooth like satin, but you can use whatever you want.

25cm x 32cm iron on interfacing

A button.

Thread to match the colour of the fabric.

Approx 12cm thin cord (colour to match the fabric)

1. Cut your fabric to the measurements specified above. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric for the outside of the bag.

2. Using the fabric you have chosen for the outside, press a hem of 1cm onto the wrong side.

3. Put a pin 21cm in both of the long edges of the material.

4. Right sides together, fold the bottom edge of the fabric to meet the pins.

5. Again with the right sides together,sew the sides up to the pins.

6. Turn the material the right way out.

7. Press a hem on the sides of the flap.

8. Having cut the appropriate measurements of lining, follow the above steps.

9. Sew the button onto the outside fabric.

10. Put the lining fabric into the outside bag.

11. Sew the lining fabric to the outside fabric as close as possible to the edges along the sides and top of the flap.

12. Loop the cord and stitch into the appropriate place onto the flap.


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