Tips on Conserving Energy in 2009

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In a tough economy, everyone is struggling to conserve a little extra money anyway that they can.  It can be quite easy if you make yourself aware of the things that are using energy, and costing money.  By using the following energy conservation tips, you can save yourself a ton of money in 2009.

?  Unplug any kind of charger when not in use.  This could be anything from a cell phone or PDA charger to cordless tools.  While it is not really using much energy, every little bit counts.

?  Use power strips for any kind of big equipment.  TV’s, home theater systems, and other big items usually will go into standby mode when not in use.  Even when they are not in use, they are still using enough energy as a light bulb would use.  If you have some equipment like this around in your home, you can save yourself a lot of energy and money.

?  If your computer in your home has a sleep mode, learn how to enable it.  A lot of people work from home and are constantly on the computer.  But, when they are away, they leave their computer and internet running.  Enabling a sleep mode on the computer is like a power saver, and can save you a lot of energy.  When you go to bed, should shut it off.

?  Turn your thermostat down a degree.  You will most likely not notice a difference, buy your energy bill will notice a huge difference. Talk with your utility company for more energy savings tips.  Also, check to see if your home needs any new or more insulation.

?  Live in a sunny part of town?  Use it to your advantage.  Sunlight will heat your home quite a bit during the daytime, and it doesn’t cost a penny.  Turn the thermostat down during the day and let the sun do it’s work.  You will be amazed at the savings.

?  Remind everyone in the family to turn lights and televisions off when they are not using them.  This is quite a simple and basic task, but they can be easily forgotten.  Light bulbs do not take up a lot of energy, but over time those lights can cost you a lot.

Using these basic methods of conserving energy will help you cut a lot of costs in 2009.  If you can remember a few of these points you will notice a significant difference on your utility bills.  Every penny counts, and these tips can really help in a tight economy.


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