Control your Cholesterol Naturally

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A study done in 2005 showed that 1 in every 5 Americans had a cholesterol count above 200 mg/dl (milligrams per decaliter of blood). This is considered borderline high. Another 36 million Americans had cholesterol levels above 240 mg/dl. The numbers continue to rise.

Why is high cholesterol so rampant among Americans? Very simple answer – Our Diet! The majority of Americans are so busy they grab a fast food meal to go and eat it on the run. Most fast food is fried. Our high fat diet coupled with the fact that we don’t eat enough fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains that contain the necessary fiber to off-set the fat could very well be the main cause of high cholesterol.

Add stress to this and you get toxic amounts of cortisol flowing through the blood which can cause high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and an increase of cholesterol which is the body’s way of protecting the blood vessels from irritation, but the build-up of cholesterol that results causes the arteries to become hardened and clogged.

Even though the remedy is simple, it isn’t easy to achieve naturally, but it can be done. Studies have shown that certain foods can be beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Of course you will have to cut out some of those fried foods and pre prepared foods that contain a lot of additives.

Exercise is another way to reduce your cholesterol. Exercise is the best stress buster of all in addition to getting your blood pumping and your lungs working harder to oxygenate your blood.

Before your cholesterol get so high that you feel you have no other recourse than to take drugs to lower it, try these simple methods to control it.


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