File for Divorce on your own

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1First of all you need to find the local Probate and Family Court in the County you live in. Please note certain Courts and states call the family Court differnt things.  Go to your state’s home web page and you will be able to locate and find out where you need to go to file for a divorce in your state and county.

 You and your  soon to be ex husband must have lived in that county for 6 months for that Court to have jurisdiction.

You need to go to that Courthouse directly, call, or go online to get the necessary forms. You need to complete all these forms and will also need a certified copy of your marriage certificate. You may also need copies of your children’s birth certificates if you have children.

Once you file out the forms you file for a divorce/legal separation at the Court. You will probably need to pay a fee to file. If you are low income or indigent the court may waive your filing fees. Then you will need to file the divorce complaint on the other party. Once the divorce is served there is an automatic restraining order on any financial items, assets, property or saving accounts between the parties. Parties can not transfer or remove any of these assest. Once it is served you will get your first Court hearing..
Remember if you have any concerns or question s you may always consuklt with an attorney.


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